Day trips


With our great central location, Sognefjord Hotel is a perfect starting point for several sights in the Sogn area. Below you will find some suggestions for day trips and excursions. Contact us and we will help you create your own trip.

1. The Jostedals glacier – Breheims centre – Kaupanger Stave church – Farm museum
We will drive from the hotel to Jostedalen, where we visit the Breheims centre at the Nigaards glacier, which is an arm to the Jostedals glacier. At the centre we have a great view over the marvelous glacier. After a visit and a tour at the center, it is possible for the bus to continue towards the glacier for a close up view. For the energetic person there is also a possibility for a shorter guided hike on the glacier.
Afterwards we drive towards Sogndal and stop for lunch. Then we visit Kaupanger and its stave church. We end the day with a visit to the Heiberg collections, which is one of Norway's largest farm museums. Return trip to the hotel.

2. Glacier museum in Fjærland – Sunnfjord – Astrup – Eikås Mountain
This tour starts with a visit to the Norweigan Glacier Museum in Fjærland, and the Bøya glacier. Here we also can choose to visit the book town; a small village with a number of second hand book stores with character. As a matter of fact, Fjærland was Norway’s first book town. Then we drive under the Jostedals glacier to Skei, where we enjoy a delicious lunch. After that we have many options, we would like to recommend Astruptubet (where Nikolai Astrup stayed), Sunnfjord Folk Museum, Audhild Vikens weaving workshop and Eikås gallery. All of them reachable within 20 minutes by car or bus.
After a day full of new impressions we drive back to the hotel over Gaularfjellet, and experience one of Norway's most beautiful views. If we have enough time, it is possible to stop in Balestrand and visit the aquarium there. From Balestrand it is about a half hour drive back to the hotel.

3. Wild Salmon Center – Lærdal – Aurland – Flåm Railway – Nærøyfjord – Goat cheese
This tour starts with a visit to the Wild Salmon Center in Lærdal, and then continues through the world’s longest road tunnel to Aurland and Flåm, where we take the Flåm Railway up to Myrdal and back again. We enjoy a delicious lunch in Flåm and here it is also an option to get a tour on Ægir beer brewery. Then we take a ferry cruise along the Aurlandsfjord and spectacular Nærøyfjord. In Gudvangen the bus is waiting to take us over Stalheimskleiva of Vikafjellet and back to Leikanger.
During summertime you can choose to take the route back over Aurlandsfjella (Snøvegen) to Lærdal. Then we get to experience the marvelous view from Stegastein over Aurlandsfjorden.
Other stops that can be added to this tour is Undredalen, with goat cheese tasting and a visit to Undredal Stave church, which is Scandinavia’s smallest with only 40 seats. It is also possible to stop in Vik and Hoppstock church and on the way home stop at the giant bronze statue of Fridjof the Brave on Vangsnes.



4. Farm visit


Henjatunet, a farm restaurant situated just up the hill from Sognefjord Hotel. The food here is based on local ingredients and traditions, served in an old cottage from 1765. This is one of few remaining KLYNGETUNA (?) on the West coast that still has active argicultural operations. Henjatunet welcomes both small and larger groups for guided tours. There is parking space for 1-2 buses.
Business visits can be made to Lerum factory, where you will get an insight into the industrial production of Lerum products.
The 1 hour philosophy
From Sognefjord Hotel you can reach all of the biggest and most distinctive attractions in the time span of one hour.
Sognefjord Hotel is with its central location the geographically best base if you wish to visit several sites in Sogn.
If you don’t have your own guide, the hotel can provide one for you, or help you hire competent local guides. We can also make reservations at restaurants for lunch or dinner during your tour.










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